With life back in full swing, there is a likely chance that you are juggling overlapping schedules and appointments. To help control the chaos, it can be a good idea to get some useful tools in place.

I have recently started to use the Cozi Calendar app (available for iOS, Android and web).

This wonderful little family organizer helps a household communicate, plan and coordinate their activities with everyone.

Each family member is color-coded so you can even filter schedules by individual. If you would like you can also have the app send the schedules daily or weekly.
With Cozi you can:

  • See what everyone is doing and where they need to be.
  • Set reminders and send agenda emails so no one misses an appointment.
  • Organize activities, meetings, school schedules, lesson, practices and games all in one place.

That is just the free version! If you're interested in MORE features, go here and check out Cozi!