Microsoft 365 is a very powerful tool that can help you keep your data geographically redundant which helps with compliance and regulations. But have you ever wondered where your data is actually stored? Sure it’s in the cloud but it’s got to be stored somewhere physically right?

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Microsoft 365 is a version of a public cloud. Microsoft invested heavily in hardware, created large server farms and then “rents” you space on their farm. For you, the business owner, your server is in the cloud, eliminating the headaches of an on-premise email server and the initial cost of the server along with maintenance costs. For Microsoft they have thousands of physical servers to maintain and ensure that users, like you and me, have availability at all times and reliability of it working.

I’ve included a map as a reference for where Microsoft stores your data. They replicate customer data in at least two geographically distributed data centers. In layman’s terms, if something major happens in Chicago, Microsoft flips a switch and moves you over to a different server without you ever knowing the difference.

Office 365 has robust policies, controls and systems to help you keep your data safe, in compliance and easy to manage. Your data is owned by YOU, not Microsoft. That means you have complete control over it. There are a number of privacy controls that allow you to determine who can have access to your data and where it resides. Many of these features, while easy to use by use techie folk, can be a little complicated for regular users. If you have questions about how to enable these features or just want someone to do it for you, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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