I Can Focus on What I Do Best, and Leave All Things IT to Them.

I absolutely trust in both their services and employees. Since joining Fairoaks as a client, I can focus on what I do best, and leave all things IT to them. That sense of security and trust is priceless to me. All of my issues are always addressed timely, professionally and appropriately. I would recommend Fairoaks IT wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Susan Rossi Cook Attorney and Mediator

Eliminated Our IT Headaches!

Fairoaks IT has been our single source provider for all of our IT needs. They have eliminated a lot of the headaches we used to have regarding IT issues. They have been great to work with and continue to meet our expectations. Fairoaks IT has the capabilities to handle tasks both large and small, but do it with care and attentiveness that others have not had in my experience. It's also great knowing that I can pick up the phone or email with the owners of the business if I have an issue. Fairoaks IT is the real deal. Definitely give them a shot!

Ross Trethewey Owner
TE2 Engineering

I Totally Trust Fairoaks IT.

I have been working with Fairoaks IT for decades. They have always been so quick to resolve any issues I’ve had. I totally trust Fairoaks IT and I like the fact that they keep me informed of the latest cybersecurity threats.

Ann Lorenz Owner
Ann Lorenz Bookkeeping

They Do What They Say and Keep Their Promises.

The single biggest benefit of Fairoaks IT is the peace of mind we have of knowing that they are there protecting us. They are always timely and responsive, and always clearly communicate with us. Bottom line is they do what they say and keep their promises.

Joe Meisner Project Manager

As we grow, Fairoaks IT Adapts.

Fairoaks IT has provided KPM the feel of a friendly internal IT resource that everyone knows but with the breadth of knowledge that comes from having multiple technicians with decades of experience. What sets Fairoaks IT apart is how accommodating they’ve been to changes within our company. As we grow, Fairoaks IT adapts. They’re willing to break-free from the usual cookie-cutter services offered by other MSPs to provide KPM with solutions that work best for our company. We haven’t felt the need to shop around for another MSP since we’ve begun working with Fairoaks IT years ago.

Winston Anderson Global Information Systems Manager
KPM Analytics

Fairoaks IT is Hands Down the Best IT Company I've Worked With.

I can't say enough good things about their responsiveness, professionalism and knowledge. All businesses are so dependent on technology that if any component of their systems get disrupted, that disruption can impact their entire operations. My business went through this issue last year and I'm beyond grateful that I found Fairoaks IT to assist. They knew exactly what to do to repair all of our internet and A/V problems and they responded quickly to address all of our concerns. Their technicians are extremely efficient, and they found solutions that no other IT company that had been onsite had thought of. Beyond all of this, the entire Fairoaks IT team I've spoken with is reliable and genuinely interested in providing the best service to their clients. This type of customer service is not easy to find and I would recommend this IT team without hesitation to any business in need of IT services.

Deanna Leon Community Manager
The Prescott at Concord

After 7 years with Fairoaks IT full managed services, we have no intention nor interest in changing.

We moved our IT support to Fairoaks IT on the occasion of their 25th anniversary in late 2015. Our previous provider of nearly 25 years was unable to respond in a reasonable time frame to problems with our day to day operations and applications which led to our shopping for a new support company.

We run Quickbooks Enterprise 2022 for wholesale; M/S Office (O365) all products; and other routine business applications. We have 12 workstations and a server. What is best about Fairoaks IT is their response time to problems. They have grown and added techs continually but we never have to wait for help when needed. They counsel us on purchase of new hardware and software, and help us with all forms of IT including phones both mobile and hard wired.

We signed up for full managed services from the start. While this was an approach to management for IT firms that was very new 7 years ago, it is and has continued to be the right answer for us. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…and particularly in technology.

It is a mean world out there in all respects, and Fairoaks IT have diligently kept us informed and trained to avoid click bait and phishing emails. They constantly advise on threats that they are aware of and then counsel clients on what not to do.

After 7 years with Fairoaks IT full managed services, we have no intention nor interest in changing any of this. If you are shopping for a new IT support partner, then focus on results and not on price. What is the cost of your business being down versus trying to save a few pennies on monthly or hourly fees?

Rob English Owner
Chemical Solutions

No Down Time and Quicker Response Time Than Our Previous IT Company!

We’ve been through other IT Managed Service Providers, and Fairoaks IT has been the best of them all. We have no down time so we can stay focused on our business. Plus the response time is quicker than our previous IT company. Fairoaks IT is very responsive, and their entire team work hard to resolve all issues. Not to mention, everyone is very nice to work with!

Kathy Woodall Office Manager
RT Engineering

Fairoaks IT Is A Force Multiplier For My IT Team.

Fairoaks IT has remained supportive to our changing business needs and has continued to provide unique support options that fit our current needs. From white glove service to flexible plans that allow us to leverage their team, you can pick which one. Fairoaks IT has also consistently gone above and beyond when providing professional IT support to our associates. The breadth of knowledge of Fairoaks IT’s team has allowed Sontiq to remain agile and support our ever expanding remote workforce. Fairoaks IT has delivered EVERY TIME and I have never received anything less than stellar feedback from our associates when Fairoaks IT has provided support.

Chris Knoche Vice President
IT and Cybersecurity Operations

No More Worrying!

We’ve partnered with Fairoaks IT for years now, and the biggest benefit we have is the comfort level of not worrying so much about illegal activity that could disrupt and damage our business. Not to mention the staff are always professional and knowledgeable. It’s so important that you have this service, oh and don’t forget about the peace of mind from their backup service!

Mark Ahronian Owner
Ahronian Landscaping & Design

Keeps our employees focused on the business, and not IT headache.

Since we’ve partnered with Fairoaks IT, not one of our employees have had to take time out of their day to deal with IT issues. We can just reach out to Fairoaks IT directly and have them resolve our issues! We started with Fairoaks 9 years ago and could not be happier. Also, no problem or issue is too small for them and they never make you feel like you don’t know what you are talking about! They truly care about us and have gotten to know us as people. Not to mention, they are very reliable and responsive.

Leslie Lobisser Owner
Lobisser Companies

They Take the Time to Learn Your Business.

We’ve worked with Fairoaks IT for years now, and I have to say, they’re a far cry from some firms that say they can service you better, but then mold you into only what they know or offer. Our server and network infrastructure is demanding. We have hundreds of clients that use RDS on our servers, and Fairoaks IT makes sure it just plain works. They spend the time to build an environment that works for us, and it shows.

Mark Kilduff Owner
Remote Quality Bookkeeping

We’re Hands Off With Our IT Now.

Fairoaks IT has let us focus on our business. When an IT issue pops up, they’re right there to resolve it, quickly, and efficiently. I’d recommend Fairoaks IT to any business owner who’s tired of dealing with IT themselves.

Dennis O’Brien Owner
Dennis O’Brien Land Surveying

Not Afraid to Send a Tech Onsite.

Fairoaks IT has always been there for us when we’ve needed them. If a problem can’t be solved remotely, they head right over in person to get it fixed. We love how responsive they are and the knowledge of their staff. Everyone there truly cares about our business and what’s right for us.

Taylor MacElhiney Billing Coordinator
Boston Orthotics

It’s incredible to realize what our technical life was prior to Fairoaks IT.

They have become a MAJOR MEMBER of The Shannon Team. They are professional, easy to work with, knowledgeable in all aspects of our technical needs and available at a moment’s notice. We could not function the way we do without them. If you’re on the fence about switching IT companies, or just want someone to take it all over for you, switch over to them as quickly as possible, you will be so pleased.

William Shannon Owner
Shannon Corporation

Fairoaks IT Is A Part of Our Team.

We know that whenever an issue comes up, the team members at Fairoaks IT understand the needs of our organization. Unlike other IT companies, Fairoaks IT provides us with peace of mind, knowing that they have our best interests at heart. Not to mention, they are very responsive, and we know we can count on them. I would definitely recommend Fairoaks IT and have done so to many colleagues and friends. I think that is the biggest testament that you can give to the strength of a business when you will refer them to people close to you.

Rick Doane Executive Director
Interfaith Social Services

Good People Who Genuinely Want to Help.

Having peace of mind knowing that help is available when needed, as well as the expertise in designing and setting up a system that works for my business. The people of Fairoaks IT are just good people, who genuinely want to help and are easy to communicate with. Having done a lot myself on the software side, and with help from a good friend that works in the industry on the hardware side, I never have worked with an IT firm. My friend is probably relieved that he doesn’t help me out any longer with my IT needs, and he still is my friend! I’ve always felt that Fairoaks IT truly cares about providing us with the best service that fits my particular business needs, not the other way around. They took the time to evaluate my system and my business to provide some options as the best course of action without any pressure, with an emphasis on making sure I was happy. That attitude is instilled in every Fairoaks IT employee I have come across since I have been working with them.

Malcolm Givens Owner
Malcolm Givens & Associates

We’ve been a client of Fairoaks IT for more than 20 years.

As a company that works with Public Utilities, we’re presented with unique challenges. Not needing to worry about the security of our network and customer data is a huge benefit. Knowing that Fairoaks IT is keeping us secure allows us to focus on our business. Also, Fairoaks IT’s response rate to any issue, whether it's someone having a problem accessing a database or setting up a new printer, has always been fantastic. Fairoaks IT has always done everything they can to prevent us from any network downtime.

Mark Travis President
Mass Installation

Fairoaks IT is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for IT Security and Support.

We like that any one of us call/email your service team and get our issues resolved in a very timely manner. Also, we love the piece of mind that our computers are continuously being monitored for security. We have developed a relationship with several key members of your team, and feel that adds a personal touch to the customer service Fairoaks gives us. – Also support tickets are never ‘forgotten’. Fairoaks always follows up and makes sure we are happy with how it was handled. I would highly recommend Fairoaks IT. There is someone always available to answer the phone, and matters are attended to in a very timely manner. They take high priority in ensuring our computers are secure and working well. They are not pushy with upselling the latest and greatest, but rather see what our company uses and needs, and advises accordingly.

Anita Ethier Office Administrator
Arcade Snacks

The Personal Touch Can Never Be Underestimated.

We're a much more secure environment too. The more personal relationships we have with the techs is so important - it helps when we have a problem and we’re speaking with someone I know and with whom I have worked on previous issues. The personal touch can never be underestimated.

Mitch Harper Director of Marketing/IT
Schumacher Companies

Fairoaks IT Has the Knowledge.

Fairoaks IT has the knowledge to fix our problems, we can't function as a business if the computers aren't working, and you make sure we are never down for long. In addition to the knowledge, the response time is very quick, significantly better than we experienced previously. If you’re on the fence about switching IT companies, this isn't a hard decision, just do it, you don’t know what you’re missing. In addition to the above, the company is proactive. They are always trying to stay ahead of the curve to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Steven Greenwald Attorney
Greenwald & Greenwald

Our Cloud Based Information Is Protected and Being Monitored Every Day.

We don’t have to worry about the IT aspect of our business and we can focus on the other aspects of our company which are important to our clients. Fairoaks IT listens to us. When we ask for information, data, services, changes or communication, they listen to us, they even modify their processes to suit our needs. Fairoaks IT’s people and accessibility are outstanding. Over the years, we have come to know Tom, Adam, and their staff. They also know us and our systems and issues, which leads to better problem solving and service.  Tom and Adam are always accessible too, so when we do need to review our account and service, you are available to us.

Kevin Lagasse Executive Vice President
The Lagasse Group

Fairoaks IT Has the Personal Touch.

We get the support of a whole team of professionals that have the specialties we need, for example network specialists, server experts, etc. Plus we get to benefit from their purchasing power. Fairoaks IT also keep in constant communication with us vs other companies that seem to only come into play when we have an issue. Fairoaks IT truly knows all of us by name and what we do. They even became very familiar with our manufacturing processes and machines in order to truly understand our environment.

Dave Devine

They set us up with 24/7 IT security.

I feel comfortable knowing that Fairoaks IT is helping us do everything we can to secure our tech infrastructure from outside predators. They set us up with 24/7 security. I used to do everything within the company regarding computers, email, web, etc. I was getting in over my head and needed to outsource our IT. Fairoaks IT is an extremely competent company. They did a complete survey of our IT needs and equipment. They changed and added the hardware and software that we needed to become more capable and secure. Their constant monitoring will keep us in good shape in the future. Fairoaks IT is big enough to offer best in class service, yet small enough that you will be working with the same people all the time.

Kevin Ricciardelli Owner
Excel Building Systems

I Can Sleep At Night

I can sleep at night knowing that Fairoaks IT is diligent in ensuring the safety of my systems. They take a proactive approach to maintaining my company network, so I don’t experience the problem to begin with. When issues do arise, their response time to inquiries is excellent. On top of all of this, their personal touch separates you from others, whenever I call, someone always answers the phone live.

Larry Zaharoff Attorney
Zaharoff Law

Timely Resolutions to Issues.

Fairoaks IT has the people that can solve our varied and multiple software issues quickly and efficiently. Fairoaks IT will solve any of your problems quickly, regardless of what industry you’re in, while keeping you and your staff protected from cyberattacks.

Andy Leonard Owner
WW Contracting Corp

Our 'in house" IT company!

One of the biggest benefits with hiring Fairoaks as our IT company was their responsiveness to any and all IT issues we encountered.  They are always professional and diligent.  They had a sense of urgency when necessary, which was critical to our business. They made suggestions, implemented new processes and were in sync with the fact our clients ranged from Federal & State Government agencies, Healthcare, Fortune 500 companies, Colleges and Universities, High profile individuals, Consumers...Our customer privacy was critically important! Fairoaks IT truly became our 'in house" IT company!

Judith M. Leary Co Founder
IdentityForce & Bearak Reports Inc.

4/7 Peace of Mind

Proper security measures and keeping up with security software is the #1 safety measure to safeguard our information. Covering the importance of a secure network, which is able to keep hackers and other intrusions at bay is of the utmost importance. Backups are a breeze if you employ the right company. That is the benefit of our Total Care Managed Service from Fairoaks IT.

Also extremely important is having multiple ways of backing up our information which has been put in place through our Total Care Managed Service from Fairoaks IT. This enables WW Contracting Corp to have 24/7 peace of mind. I highly recommend that a business look in to the features and plans that Fairoaks offers.

Gil Leonard Co-owner
Fairoaks IT Partner Since 2011

Three Things I Like About Fairoaks IT...

1. Technology advances at a dizzying speed. While technology helps small and medium size companies, it also frightens them as they can’t afford the infrastructure to actively adapt the newest and best, nor to defend themselves from the constant threat of being invaded or outdated. Fairoaks’ motto "You Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage The Technology Behind It.” is says it all. For a fraction of the cost, a small to medium size company can have all the benefits of a large company’s in-house IT power.

2. Your personal service. Instead of buying a service off the shelf from a large IT chain, you provide a customized and personable service. You know your customer’s business, their names and their unique situations. You enlarge and empower them within their small company. Their needs matter. Between today’s conflicts of business merging to mega size and people craving of individuality, I’m proud to add you to ‘My doctor, My financial advisor and My IT guy’ list.

3. Your ethical stand is ‘I treat my client’s money as if it’s my own’ and it shows in Fairoaks’ approach to support. You craft your customers’ IT needs to align with their business and their budget. That makes you trustworthy. In today’s corporate greedy culture and its profit driven pressure, it’s very hard to have that level of trust with a vendor, something that wouldn’t be possible without your solid reputation.

Neng Yu Director, HLA Services
Fairoaks IT Partner Since 2007

We Struggled With IT For 5 Years

Tom and Fairoaks IT staff are amazing! We struggled with IT for 5 years until Fairoaks came in and took control of everything. They revamped our system and everything works smoothly now. I highly recommend him and his team!!

Patty Winberg Owner
Fairoaks IT Partner Since 2014

We have been working with Tom for the past year

He was recommended to us by a colleague of ours. We have been very satisfied with the service from Tom, Jen and the rest of his team. We did not feel pressured into buying more than we needed and we are confident that he has provided our business with the appropriate level of service required to keep us efficient and secure.

Debbie Dias Office Manager
Fairoaks IT Partner Since 2013

More Productivity, Less Stress!

Before we partnered with Fairoaks IT, we had so many issues concerning hardware, software. Everything seemed disjointed. We didn’t have a cohesive plan. That all changed when Fairoaks IT took over providing our hardware and network maintenance. Our previous issues were solved immediately.

One of the biggest differences from what we had before Fairoaks IT, is the fact that we call one person to manage everything IT related. Before Fairoaks IT our staff of about 5 people were experiencing at least 5 hours a week of lost productivity mostly from determining who to call for what issues. Our employees now have one number to call and I have absolutely noticed a decrease in stress and aggravation when it comes to their computer problems.

We have benefited from having Fairoaks is take over the process of ordering and replacing outdated software and hardware and removing it from the office. The investment in Total Care their complete package was the only way to go in my opinion.

The Total Care Package stood out to us for three reasons.

  1. One place to call for all our IT needs
  2. Great & Knowledgeable staff
  3. Immediate Response

I would absolutely refer Fairoaks IT to other businesses, for all of the reasons above. They were a referral to us from one of our current employees and we would be happy to pass their name along to anyone who needs help with their IT. Everybody who owns a business that is similar to our size, run into the same issues that we were having. Partnering with Fairoaks IT gave us not only an increase in productivity and less stress but the ability to focus on the root of our business.

William Shannon Shannon Corporation

Great Company, Great People, Great Experience

Prior to working with Fairoaks IT, we would have to wait until after hours or even days to get a response when we needed assistance with our technology. That all changed when Fairoaks IT took over our network. Our systems, which always seemed to be outdated, are now being constantly monitored, and we always have whatever resources we need.

The response time of the Fairoaks IT team is a complete difference from what we had with our previous support company, we have never been left to wait until the next day or without the ability to do our jobs – we are very pleased with how quickly they resolve any issues we are having. Before Fairoaks IT our staff of about 11 people were experiencing at least 8-10 hours a week keeping things working and trying to understand where the underlying problems were, this resulted in all of our employees losing productivity. Our employees now have commented on how there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the issues that they used to experience, and several have commented on the pleasant nature of the support folks, Brett, Jen and Tony.

It was it was only a matter of time before there was a disaster.  We were looking for a new provider when I discovered that we were not backing our business critical data up because “it was a lot of data”. When first talking with Tom about Fairoaks IT, we suffered an abandonment from our provider. Tom stopped by and got our access restored so we could operate our business, we had no contract, and no commitment to sign one at the time. Tom himself demonstrates the principles that he asks his team to follow.

The Total Care Package makes managing our technology easy, you just call and nobody asks you about licensing or serial numbers. It provides us with predictable cost - the ability to budget with confidence and the comfort of knowing that professionals are watching over us every day.

I would happily refer Fairoaks IT to other business, and I already have. For a small to medium business, their services allow a company to have a virtual IT team available to them rather than trying to retain their own staff.

Steve Sullivan Connolly Bus

They did exactly what they promised and we’ve never felt safer!

Before working with Fairoaks IT, we had an outsourced IT company that caused our business many issues. We called Fairoaks IT to discuss our technology needs, and the week of our meeting we realized that we were hit with the crypto locker virus.

Fairoaks came in and was able to stop the attack before it encrypted all of our data. At the time our current IT provider had a backup in place. However, they weren’t monitoring it. We found out the hard way that the last good backup was 6 months old! Thankfully, not all our files were encrypted, but those that were couldn’t be restored. The whole crypto locker event cost our entire business 2 days of downtime – our server was down, the accounting department was down, and we lost hundreds of files that had to be recreated if possible. This was the tipping point. We realized we needed a new IT provider. Fairoaks came in and the first change they made was to design and implement a multi-layer network security perimeter. Then, they upgraded our backup system to a true Backup and Disaster Recovery system which they monitor every day. They did exactly what they promised and we’ve never felt safer.

The high quality of service from everyone on the Fairoaks IT team is remarkable. Their response time is extremely fast as well as their ability to find a resolution. They always have someone available to help us when we have an urgent issue, or need someone on site, and their service is prompt even for our non-urgent fixes. We have a staff of around 60 office employees and numerous off site employees, and if you ask them they will tell you that the amount of issues they have had has decreased tremendously since partnering with Fairoaks IT – Jen specifically is Schumacher’s go to technician. In fact, one of the features that stood out the most to me when choosing our Fairoaks plan, was the ability to have a technician on site whenever we need them.

Thankfully, I no longer have to worry about losing important data or our employees having too much downtime because we have an experienced, dependable team of people standing ready to help us. If your business has computers, I highly recommend you call Fairoaks IT!

Jackie Bean CFO
Schumacher Companies

Each person from Fairoaks IT has been pleasant, professional, and clear on each step ……

We are enjoying the faster internet with better clarity after your technicians completed their service call on Friday. The work was done with the least amount of interference to our business.

Our experience with Fairoaks IT has been extremely positive and everything from the initial call to the work done Friday has gone smoothly. Each person from Fairoaks IT has been pleasant, professional, and clear on each step that's been taken.

It's good to know a company has such good work ethics and respect towards their work and the clients. We also noted that the work between the two Fairoaks IT technicians who were here on-site Friday, operated in this same professional way towards one another.

We commend you for creating such an environment in your IT business.

Thank you for everything!

Nancy Borowy Milford Franklin Counseling Services, Inc

More Productivity, Less Stress!

Before we partnered with Fairoaks IT, we had so many issues concerning hardware, software. Everything seemed disjointed. We didn’t have a cohesive plan. That all changed when Fairoaks IT took over providing our hardware and network maintenance. Our previous issues were solved immediately.

William Shannon Shannon Corporation

Highly Recommend!

Tom and Fairoaks IT are amazing! We struggled with IT for 5 years and Fairoaks came in and took control of everything. They revamped our system and everything works smoothly now. I highly recommend them!!

Patty Winberg Topnotch Design Studio
South Easton, MA

Quality Service

The high quality of service from everyone on the Fairoaks IT team is remarkable. Their response time is extremely fast as well as their ability to find a resolution. They always have someone available to help us when we have an urgent issue, or need someone on site, and their service is prompt even for our non-urgent fixes.

Jackie Bean CFO
Schumacher Companies