How can you build your confidence as a CEO, investor or entrepreneur?
My colleagues and I at ghSMART see many talented people work hard to build their confidence.
New CEOs have imposter syndrome. Private equity investors who just raised another $1 billion in funds read newspaper headlines about the coming recession and quietly gulp. Self-made billionaire entrepreneurs worry that their fortunes will take an embarrassing hit. Newly elected government leaders worry about whether their results will live up to their campaign promises.

We find that leaders are less confident when they obsess about things they can’t control, rather than take action in the areas they can control.

Like what?

The Wall Street Journal reported the results of a Conference Board survey (Jan. 16, 2019) of what is on the mind of 800 CEOs.

External Hot-Button Issues

  • Recession
  • Global Trade
  • Politics

Internal Hot-Button issues

  • Attracting and training top talent
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Developing the next generation of leaders

What this survey says to me is this: it’s good to be aware of issues that are outside of your control – recession, global trade and politics. But it’s even more brilliant to master the things that are within our control – hiring and retaining top talent, developing digital capabilities and developing the next generation of leaders.

How much confidence do you have in your team?

If you have a high degree of confidence in your team, then keep doing what you are doing to hire and develop them.
But if you don’t have a high degree of confidence in your team, then you should focus on hiring, developing and retaining more of the right people who fit your strategy and who can achieve the results you seek.


There are three ways to build confidence in your team. You can invest the time to master the skills and best practices around hiring, developing and retaining top talent yourself. You can engage ghSMART to do it for you. Or (what most of our clients do) you can engage ghSMART to solve this problem immediately and build your skills in this area for your long-term success. (A quick side note: I’m very proud to report that my colleagues achieved 99% “high” clientreported satisfaction over the past 12 months. So, to go with this confidence theme, I have a very high degree of confidence that my team will help you solve your #1 problem!)

A great way to build confidence in yourself as a leader is to build your confidence in your team.

If you are the CEO of a company that generates over $1 billion in revenue (or has raised at least a $1 billion fund), then please reach out if you would like my team to help you build confidence in your team to deliver the results you want to achieve for customers, employees and shareholders.