1. Give Them The Tools And Resources They Need
  2. We all need tools to get things done – project management software, content creation tools, messaging apps, virtual private network access and more. Have a conversation about what each team member needs to maximize productivity and work close with them to meet that need.

  3. Set Aside Time For Proper Research
  4. Don’t jump headfirst into a project without jumping into research first. Information is a
    powerful tool to get things done efficiently and effectively.

  5. Assign Accordingly
  6. Before the team goes to work, make sure assignments or responsibilities are delegated properly and check in with everyone on a regular basis to make sure things are going smoothly (or to see if they need help).

  7. Plan And Plan Again
  8. Plan out the project before you set to work. Give yourself and your team a map to follow as you work through the project. As with any project, expect obstacles along the way and be willing to update your map accordingly. Small Business Trends, July 4, 2020