A New Year … With so much information out there not sure where to turn? Did you know that we post to our blog 2-4 times a week?

It is an online journal or sharing of bite size pieces of information in which the entries are in reverse order so the latest post is always at the top. They typically are quick reads to share and educate readers.

What is the difference between a blog and a web site? Many times a blog is a sub page of a web site but for some industries it can be standalone web content. There are many famous “bloggers” these days and that become a big trend.

You can bookmark our blog at https://www.fairoaksit.com/blog/ - or there is a hot link on our home page called “blog” in the top title bar. We post lots of great information from security tidbits to Microsoft product tips. We gather the info and break down the news in user friendly - bite size chunks.

So I hope you go and check it out! If you would like to receive a reminder of what we have posted we will be sending out blog updates on a bimonthly basis. You can subscribe to get an email so it re-minds you to check it out and lets you know what bite size articles we have posted about.

Join us at https://www.fairoaksit.com/blog/