Every week there are software updates, to both Windows and your programs. You need to install them. Companies aren’t spending hundreds of thousands of dollars writing new updates with no purpose. They are fixing holes, stability issues, etc. It is imperative that you keep up to date, especially for your business. One missed update can lead to automated hacking bots getting into your computer and ransoming your data.

However—Beware where you get your updates. It is typically safest to go through the website of the software in use (or Windows Update, for Microsoft updates). Stay away from random pop-ups while surfing the web. The typical scam is a pop-up while surfing the web saying your Java or Flash plugin is out-of-date. If it really is out of date, go to java.com or adobe.com and search for the update that way. And unless if you are knowledgeable about computers, stick away from the seedy, murky edges of the web. The fringes are where you will find the most attacks on your computer occurring. Just buy your movies from Amazon.com, don’t pirate them.

The good nerd adage: If you didn’t seek out, don’t download or click on it.

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Author: Brett Mahoney