Neng Yu

Three Things I Like About Fairoaks IT...

1. Technology advances at a dizzying speed. While technology helps small and medium size companies, it also frightens them as they can’t afford the infrastructure to actively adapt the newest and best, nor to defend themselves from the constant threat of being invaded or outdated. Fairoaks’ motto "You Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage The Technology Behind It.” is says it all. For a fraction of the cost, a small to medium size company can have all the benefits of a large company’s in-house IT power.

2. Your personal service. Instead of buying a service off the shelf from a large IT chain, you provide a customized and personable service. You know your customer’s business, their names and their unique situations. You enlarge and empower them within their small company. Their needs matter. Between today’s conflicts of business merging to mega size and people craving of individuality, I’m proud to add you to ‘My doctor, My financial advisor and My IT guy’ list.

3. Your ethical stand is ‘I treat my client’s money as if it’s my own’ and it shows in Fairoaks’ approach to support. You craft your customers’ IT needs to align with their business and their budget. That makes you trustworthy. In today’s corporate greedy culture and its profit driven pressure, it’s very hard to have that level of trust with a vendor, something that wouldn’t be possible without your solid reputation.

Director, HLA Services
Fairoaks IT Partner Since 2007