Every business owner, big and small, should be prepared for a cyber-attack. It’s incredibly likely that hackers will attack your company at some point. Luckily, there are five strategies you can implement to better protect your company from hackers.

Hide Your Data: Keep your data in multiple online locations and separate data between multiple cloud providers to keep it secure. Hackers are likely to give up if it’s too much hassle to get in.

Routinely Check Your Finances: It can be nearly impossible to recover from a hack if too much time has passed. It’s not your banks’s or accountant’s responsibility to keep up with your finances, it’s yours. Get in the habit of regularly checking your finances.

Utilize Multifactor Identification: Make sure your employees use multifactor identification to protect company information. They should change their passwords often and make them complex.

Avoid Phishing Scams: Train your employees to not open or respond to any suspicious texts or e-mails.

Watch What You Post On Social Media: Don’t post any information on social media that a hacker could utilize to breach your security.