While most of us accept that distractions will be a part of our day, if your intention is to get things done and to stay productive and focused, you’ll need to minimize those distractions. No, we’ll never be able to eliminate them 100%, but we can certainly try. Here’s what you can do to cut distractions.

Block Time On Your Calendar (And Stick To It). Use your calendar to its full advantage. Mark time off for e-mails, for all projects, phone calls, Zoom calls, you name it! If it’s part of your normal day, put it on your calendar. Even throw on time for miscellaneous stuff. Then share it with all relevant parties and stick to it. If you’re working on a project between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., that’s the word.

Use Sound To Your Advantage. A common source of distraction is sound: it can be office chatter in the background or even neighborhood sounds (for those working from home). Find a sound that complements your workflow. It might be chill music or the sounds of rain or a babbling brook. Find the right
sound that helps you zone in and blocks disruptive sounds. Forbes, March 15, 2021