"Every time I use my name as my password I get hacked. Maybe I should change my name. Or, change my password."

Practically every successful person has something in common with every other successful person. Millionaires and billionaires share these habits - habits that are absolutely crucial if you want to achieve the success that's on your mind.

1. Read, Read And Read Some More. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are prime examples of this, but it’s one of the most common traits among the most successful businesspeople in the world ... They are constantly reading: books, blogs, newspapers, magazines and anything else that enriches their personal and professional lives.

2. Get Educated. Whether you hire a private coach, take courses (like continuing education) or hire consultants, there are pros who can teach us more about what we do (or want to do) and how to improve ourselves or our businesses. While we may be good at what we do, there is always room for improvement - you just have to be open to it. Inc., Feb. 24, 2021