Beachgoers all know the security dilemma that comes with a stray wallet. When it comes time to put on your trunks and head into the sea, do you bury your valuables in the sand? Hide them under a towel? Or leave them be and hope for the best?

For all of those who find each of these options less than ideal, there's FlexSafe. It's a handy, personal, portable safe designed to stave off thieves, wherever you are. Water-resistant, slash-proof, RFID-blocking and equipped with a heavy-duty three-digit combination lock, it turns you from an easy target to a walking fortress. The bag-shaped design clips into itself, allowing you to secure it to a beach chair, umbrella or any other unwieldy surface and go on your merry way without worry. At $59.99, it could be a sound investment for those of us finding ourselves leaving our valuables exposed on the regular.