The average American household is packed to the gills with expensive electronic equipment and a startling amalgamation of pricey knickknacks, so investing in home security is an attractive investment. And these days, you don’t have to shell out a sum equal to the stuff you’re protecting to get peace of mind.

Take the Kodak 180-degree Panoramic HD WiFi Security Camera, for example, a high-end security camera you can pick up right now for just under 70 bucks (regularly priced at $149.99). Place the camera anywhere in your house, and it’ll automatically record motion-triggered video clips straight to the cloud with its 180- degree lens, accessible on any Internet -enabled device. The camera uses wide dynamic range to automatically adapt to changes in lighting, ensuring that it doesn’t miss a thing. Perhaps best of all, you can check in on the camera’s feed at any time, streaming its HD video straight to your phone or computer.