At Fairoaks IT, most of our work is behind the scenes. We monitor your computers performance, Windows updates, and Symantec Anti-Virus updates. Much of this is handled automatically with our remote management software, SolarWinds N-Able.

You can relax on this day knowing that Fairoaks IT will keep your device up-to-date and get alerted anytime a device runs into an issue. We are set to approve and update your devices at night and on weekends. However, be aware, if your device is offline: Your device will complete its’ scheduled tasks when the device is on.

To ensure your devices performance and protection, keep your computer on and connected to the internet Tuesdays and Wednesday nights. Take advantage of this automatic and remote management protection with Fairoaks IT’s Total Care flat-rate subscription. Total Care puts the responsibility on Fairoaks IT specialists to solve your issues as promptly as possible.