If your computer network and the data it holds got erased or corrupted because of a virus, hard drive crash, fire, flood or some other random, unforeseen disaster, how confident are you RIGHT NOW that your business could be back up and running again FAST?

If your answer to that is, “I don’t know,” or “I’m not sure,” you are taking a HUGE risk with your company’s most important asset—the data on your network. Just imagine what would happen to your business if you lost your entire client database…

…Lost all accounting documentation and history…Lost all the work files you’ve spent YEARS developing…Lost the work files and documentation you so desperately need to service your customers…

Can you even put a price tag on it? Probably not—yet so many business owners aren’t 100% certain that they could be back up and running after a disaster and are purely hoping that their current tape drive or backup is working and storing a usable copy of their data.

Tape Drives Are The MOST Unreliable, Unsecured Way To Back Up Your Data

All tape drives fail; it’s only a matter of “when,” not “if.” So if being able to get back up and running again in the event of a data-erasing disaster is important, then you need to know about our Datto Business Continuity Backup and Disaster Recovery.

This fool-proof backup service does more than just keep a copy of your files—it provides “continuous data protection” and enables near-instant disaster recovery because it takes a snapshot of your entire network throughout the day, giving you the confidence we could have you back up and running again within HOURS, not days or weeks.

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