As summer arrives many of our lives will get busier (like they are not already?) It is so important as management to keep reminding everyone at your company the importance of not being click happy. One bad click can take your company to its knees. The bad actors are still going to be out in full force this summer— waiting for that victim to prey on. You are welcome to reuse our material in your company newsletter or at a company meeting. I am also available if you need a guest speaker! Anything I can do to stop these low-life thieves from taking everything we work so hard for – sign me up!

Tom Crossley

June 2022

This monthly publication provided courtesy of Tom Crossley President of Fairoaks IT

“As a business owner, you don’t have time to waste on technical and security issues. That’s where we shine! Call us and put an end to your IT problems finally and forever!”

- Tom Crossley