Throughout the course of 2021, Americans left their jobs in droves due to a combination of factors. In fact, an analytics firm, Visier, estimates that 1 out of 4 workers left their jobs in 2021. If you own or operate a business, this news can be worrisome. One of the best ways to try to retain your employees is to coach and encourage them to grow so they don’t feel stagnant and bored with their work.

If you don’t know where to begin, you should start by evaluating your employees. Decide if they’re a master in their role, are still growing or are just beginning. Keep an eye on your beginners and growers to ensure they are satisfied with their work. If they’re not, have an open and honest discussion with them. For employees who have mastered their jobs, encourage them to try a new role or take on different responsibilities so they can learn new skills.