I’ve grown to somewhat admire the people who make videos look like it was super simple to put it together. I know videos are the growing trend for people to share information on their website or social media. But, how do people make it look professional without spending hours and hours on it and tons of money on all the tools!?

CapCat is a video editor that you can use on your mobile device that allows you to modify videos in order to enchant your audience.

Yes, sites like TickTok and Instagram promote aspects that are highly appealing to video producers, such as the ability to modify videos in real-time.

One of my favorite things about CapCut is that you only need the video camera on your phone. Often times, videos on TikTok and Instagram have been produced on full-size PCs.

With this app, you get all the FREE, powerful video editing capabilities, accessible mobile-friendly interface, varied library of stock sounds and animations, and supports direct exports to TikTok.

There are just a few cons: there is a 15-minute video limit (compared to TikTok that has a three minute video limit) and you can add only one video and audio track.

It’s simple to get started, open the app and select New Project. There are reusable video templates.

There is also a ShortCut option in which CapCut asks you about the videos and photos in your camera roll that you’d like to import into the project. The app then analyzes your clips and suggests an array of templates, each of which changes the music, pacing and transitions. For the music, there are songs in the licensed library or import sounds you record yourself.

If you're into making videos, for business or just for fun, this app is definitely worth a try!