Password managers are the best tools to keep track of all your passwords, and there are many options. Most use multi-factor authentication and all keep track of all your passwords on multiple devices. Here are a few well known password managers that are easy to use for free or have a low cost.

The most common password manager LastPass is easy to use. It offers the support of multi-factor authentication without the need of a separate authenticator app. The multi-factor feature can be done in the LastPass app. Different subscriptions are offered from free to premium with advanced features including dark web monitoring, offering 6 licenses, and a family manager dashboard.

A budget option would be 1Password with single user, family, or business options. Family subscriptions offer 5 family licenses with limited sharing. The business subscription offers protection for those working from home, as well as teams and enterprises in general.

I have saved the best for last with RoboForm. The majority of the people I know, use Roboform to manage their passwords. It offers browser extensions for most of the common browsers that allow you to autofill usernames and passwords with the click of a button. The auditing tool will help you identify duplicate passwords with a password generator for replacing them.

These are just a few of the dozens of password managers out there. Be sure to do your research in order to pick the one that best fits your current needs.


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