Fetch Rewards

There are a bunch of grocery rewards apps out there. Some are more user-friendly, and more rewarding than others. Fetch is a free mobile app where you earn reward points for taking pictures of your receipts, then send them in to earn rewards. Easy enough, right?

So, 1,000 of these points are worth about $1 and are redeemed via gift cards for as little as 3,000 points, or $3. The gift card options include the big brands most of us love such as Amazon.com, Best Buy and Sephora.

Just for scanning the receipt, you earn 25 points. BUT, you can earn hundreds or thousands of points if your receipt contains a branded item that is currently being promoted; such as a certain cereal. The rewards are automatic, so you don’t really need to know which product to buy, nor is there a specific store where you need to do your grocery shopping.

Fetch has hundreds of participating branches, so you can pretty much expect to get some points every time you purchase some grocery items.

For those of us who like to toss the receipt in your purse / wallet then do a clean out every week, good news--you have up to 14 days to scan your receipt into the app.

With the at home shopping trend on the rise, you can also earn rewards with eReceipts by connecting your email and/ or Amazon account to your Fetch Rewards app.

Share the love! When you refer friends, you will receive a minimum of 2,000 points. They receive 2,000 points too after they snap their first receipt!

In case you are wondering why Fetch would pay you for scanning in your receipts...the Fetch team is using that information for market research. Don’t worry, the company claims the data is shared anonymously. They will ask for your phone number, email, home state, date of birth and home address when signing up. No requirement for banking information.

Start earning today!