October is Cybersecurity Month so I can’t write this article without justifying the need for reminding everyone about security awareness. The easiest way into a network… you and me! We have to turn cybersecurity into a team effort and promote better habits. This is the only way we are going to prevent security incidents. We (you, me, and our employees) MUST see security as part of their job and themselves as important pieces in keeping our organization secure.

To pull this off, you must have an active security awareness training program that includes education, phish testing, and phish reporting. Whether you do this on your own or engage with us. This is a MUST for your organization. Does your organization require everyone to watch videos to learn how to identify threats? Are you seeing reports showing the results of phishing emails sent to your team? These items show engagement and understanding that emails can compromise the network and bring the organization to its knees. This is the only way to achieve your ultimate goal of fewer security incidents.

If you have any questions about security awareness training reach out to me by calling 774-222-5500 or email me at Sales@FairoaksIT.com

October 2020

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