Our mission is to be the smartest and most helpful food platform in existence.

With the Yummly app, you get everything you love about yummly.com on your mobile device. Anywhere from recipe search, digital recipe box, recipe recommendations for you, helpful videos and a smart shopping list all with you wherever you go!

You will need to create a login to access your recipe box and profile information from any internet connected device. Using your Facebook or Google+ account will also work, but make sure you are logged into Facebook or Google+ on your device before registering.

Once you are signed in, you are able to use the app's powerful recipe search that you can customize to match your unique tastes and diet preferences. Make sure to Yum it if you like it so it appears in your Recipe Box.

Once you have some favorites in your Recipe Box, you can easily organize them however you desire.

There are also recipe recommendations based on your profile and your Yums. You just need to get started by clicking Yum on at least five recipes.

On top of it all, is a Smart Shopping List. This is the perfect way to plan out your next trip to the grocery store!