Flip, Share and Curate Stories

FlipFlipboard curates content from your social networks and web partners (periodicals, blogs, etc), based on your interests and turns them into stunning magazine-like digital pages. You can personalize the app for the news you care about; follow business, health, tech, sports teams, cooking, travel and more to get up-to-the-minute developments as well as insightful long reads and inspiration.

FlipUse the Discover button to customize your Flipboard with iconic sources like the New York Times, PEOPLE magazine, Fast Company and many more! You can also connect it to your social networks like Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Share what you are reading and enjoy updates from friends all in one place.

When you find things you like on Flipboard, use the + button to save it to your own magazines.

The company is based out of California and has offices in New York, Vancouver and Bejing. The client software is localized in 21 languages, and used by millions of people every day.

The app is available through the Apple store, Android Store, or add it as a live tile on your Windows Start screen.