Everything is changing so fast and what our business looked like last week is not what it looks like today nor will it look like next week. Pivoting is definitely the answer; never run into the brick wall; just turn and go another direction. It is funny how I have been preaching about the cloud and all its benefits. Now I have clients really listening. With a cloud solution anyone can work anywhere when it comes to “computer work”.

I made the cake… and we are eating it too. There are no people in our office on a daily basis. One or two my go in from time to time. I am exceptionally proud of our team and pivot to remote. I laid down the ground rules. I am not micromanaging, but we need to make sure everyone is marching to the same beat. We have daily and weekly huddles, we plan additional huddles. Video is required. I need to see a face to know the commitment. It’s a different way of doing our daily work but it’s called accountability! If you want to know more, I love talking about our success. Call me!

May 2020

This monthly publication provided courtesy of Tom Crossley President of Fairoaks IT

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