Put a greater emphasis on passwords. As businesses grow and adopt more technologies, such as cloud-based apps and mobile apps, they also have to deal with more passwords. The more passwords employees have to remember, the less likely they are to have strong passwords and the more likely they are to use the same password for everything. Another problem is password sharing. A team of people may share a single license for a piece of software, which means they share a single password. Password managers like LastPass can save a lot of hassle while still protecting your accounts, and many password managers are scalable.

Rely on multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA adds another layer of security on top of firewalls and malware protection. It’s like adding an extra password on top of your existing password, though only you can enter it. However, some employees skip MFA because it adds extra steps to the login process. But an extra 15 seconds to log in is worth it for the security. There are many MFA options available for different-sized businesses. Make it a part of your cyber security policy.

Small Business Trends, Nov. 1, 2019.