The weakness of any door – no matter in the cyber or real world – is that legitimate people need to be able to get in and out. Oftentimes we help people to develop a highly secure and functional door to the Internet, but they give little thought to the physical door into their building.

You should develop a strategy for verifying that service personnel are legitimate via official corporate-issued IDs. It’s also important to be able to track visitor movement through the office. Locking the server-room door becomes especially important when it’s across the hall from an office that people frequent. It’s also incredibly easy to monitor the temperature and whether there is any water in the server room. Consider a closed-circuit camera system.

Think about everyone who has access to your office – the cleaning crew is often forgotten. Ultimately YOU could be left holding the bag if they notoriously performed identity theft based off of information in your office. It happens every day and it happens locally. Make sure to consider ALL aspects of keeping your office secure in your disaster recovery plan and update it regularly.

January 2020

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