Watch What You Eat With LinkSquare

Everywhere we go, most of us use vision to navigate our world. Whether our mouth begins to water at the sight of a tasty dish or our brow furrows at the sight of a shady-looking dollar bill, our eyes are one of our primary means of connection to the world around us. But, just by looking, can you tell whether that delicious-looking food is as high quality as it seems? Or be absolutely sure that the dollar is real?

Enter LinkSquare, the pocket-sized spectrometer that enables us to gaze deeper into the objects around us. After you scan an object with the device, it uses machine learning to analyze the properties of all sorts of items, including the freshness of food, the authenticity of money or gold, the identification of stray medications and a huge variety of other potential applications. If you’re interested in purchasing this wildly futuristic technology, it’ll cost about $300. Learn more at