You’re not delegating. When you work too hard, it becomes easy to “take over” projects. You become a micromanager who loses sight of the team and doesn’t play to the strengths of the experts you hired to carry the load. If you’re not delegating, projects move less efficiently and you miss important details.

You’re not thinking creatively. Because you miss crucial details, you lack perspective, and a lack of perceptive makes it hard to think creatively, as research confirms. When a problem comes your way, you may not be able to solve it to the best of your abilities and you will end up creating a bigger problem.

Your business suffers. One person can do only so much and one person cannot scale a business successfully. If you want your business to grow, you MUST hand over much of the responsibility to others. Your business must be able to run without you in the building.

Small Business Trends, 2/12/2019.