TonyIts summertime, and that means vacation time for many.  Whether you plan on bringing your mobile devices with you for a little work or mostly play, be sure to check out these must have accessories.

Is your device protected by an Otterbox Defender.  Yes, they might make your device a little bigger and bulkier – but protection is key.  We’ve seen many devices damaged with the cheaper cases, but haven’t seen a Defender fail to do its job.  Otterbox even makes water/element proof cases for fun in the great outdoors.

Are your fingers bigger than those little icons on your phone?  Constantly selecting the wrong contact or app?  Try using a stylus.  This pen-like accessory is great for not only tapping icons on your device’s screen, but they also come in handy when used with sketching and painting apps, and for signing documents.  The newest generation of stylus use a fiber-mesh tip and glide across the screen unlike the older generation which were made of rubber.

Need more juice?  Who doesn’t!  Fortunately modern devices use a standard charging port which means accessibility to external power is easier than ever.  A variety of highly portable battery packs are available that plug directly into your devices power port to give it an extra few hours of power.  Some are directly rechargeable with a wall plug while others simply operate with a few standard AA batteries!

Have any questions about these accessories, or want to see one up close?  Feel free to contact us.