Microsoft Windows 10

If you haven’t switched over to Microsoft Windows 10, what are you waiting for!? This operating system is the whole deal from security to productivity apps to your own personal assistant.

Let’s talk about what’s new in the past few months.

Awesome APPS: Game Changer

Scorekeeping, Live Video Streaming, and Team Management

Let’s Play Ball!

It feels like every year, this great American past time continues to grow. There are rec leagues, travel leagues, club leagues, fall ball, and that includes kids who are in elementary school, all the way up.

Lead Like Your Life Depends On It

Great leaders are like drug addicts. Here’s what I mean by that: in my journey from being a homeless drug addict with no college degree to becoming a successful leader, I have learned that the leaders who are supposedly great, today and of the past, look like addicts in active addiction – they are fixing, managing and controlling perception to get what they want.