Awesome Apps Doodle Professional Scheduling Made Easy

When it comes to hosting a meeting, sometimes getting a mutual time that works for everyone can be half the battle. Stay one step ahead with an efficient appointment booking calendar.

Doodle allows you to schedule time with anyone, on any calendar platform (think Microsoft Teams, Zapier, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation, member of a book club, or a freelance writer, you can set up a booking page and just share the link with someone to be able to schedule time with you without sharing out your calendar details.

You can customize your booking page by adding your logo and company colors. Then, just add your availability and send the link. That's it.
A few examples of where Doodle is especially helpful. Think about the hiring process when you are wanting a new employee. That takes a lot of time and scheduling between the initial interview to orientation.

The Sales process can also require some scheduling. Streamline that process from call to close! Think of how impressed your new customer will be with your smooth process? With Doodle, save yourself time and money by scheduling workflows. This app frees your team to do the work that really matters.