May 6th was National password day. Passwords have been around as long as people have been keeping secrets. Passwords were used for entry into secret organizations or secret societies. When you wanted to verify the person you were talking to… you asked for the password.

Digital protection has become vital to our every day life. Sometimes you are protecting an identify on a forum like Facebook or Twitter, other times, it is more important like entry into the web portal for a bank account. The problem is people start to reuse these Pass—Words and once compromised, now a hacker can get into many accounts. World Password Day comes to provide a warning to the world and to spread awareness that taking care of your passwords is vital to protecting yourself against identity theft.

We are here to remind you—tend to your passwords and if you don’t have a secure password manager like Passportal, LassPass or Password Manger, get one!

This monthly publication provided courtesy of Tom Crossley President of Fairoaks IT

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