We often don’t like to talk about ourselves. But there are many times when it is important to talk about yourself and to convey your accomplishments. Maybe you’re applying for a new position within your organization, you’re trying to establish a partnership with another company or you want to expand your professional network. Either way, here are a few ways to self-promote without sounding like a brag.

Lean Into Your Expertise.

Call on your experience. If someone is dealing with an issue you’re familiar with, walk them through it. Or take on the role of mentor with others in your organization or community.

Be Receptive To Feedback.

This is how we grow. Listen to what people have to say and respond by taking action. Make adjustments as they make sense. When you receive positive feedback, accept it graciously.

Emphasize “Together.”

Don’t make things just about you. Share credit when it deserves to be shared. Be a supportive and motivational voice. Uplift others.

Forbes, Nov. 23, 2020