What Is Forms?

Collecting data from users, customers or partners is a breeze with the built-inapplication tool from Microsoft 365called Forms. You don’t need web design or developer skills to request a bit of information, the process is simple, and anyone can use it. This tool allows you to do surveys, so you can capture what others are thinking, create quizzes for testing purposes, or withMicrosoft Forms, your employees can easily seek client input, measurecustomer satisfaction, and organize team events, within minutes. The app is simple to use and works on any web browser, so it can be accessed fromanywhere, anytime. With real time responses and automatic charts built-in, Microsoft Forms makes it easy tounderstand the data right away. In addition, companies can custom brandtheir surveys. Forms supports the addition of themes, logo, and images.We also know that many users work in teams, so users can collaborateon a single form. Forms can be usedknow andSharePoint, within applications you love, such as Excel, Teams, Flow, and Sway.

What Can It Do?

In business organizations, it can be used to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, improve your product or business, or organize company events. With Microsoft Forms, quizzes and forms both use the same basic structure to ask questions with one key difference: forms gather information, while quizzes test people’s knowledge.

Forms and quizzes have the same question types, and both formats canallow for multiple answers or make questions required.


With Microsoft Forms, creating a form is quick and simple. Form questions do not have correct answers, you can use these questions to plan events, gather company feedback or poll people or anything else you can think of. You can check out form responses to see how many people participated and the persons answers. If you want to, you can even export responses to excel.


If you have ever taken a test or applied for a driver’s license, you have taken something similar to what Microsoft terms a Quiz. When you create a quiz, you create a form. With every question you ask, you can add a rating to it. With quizzes, you can assign a grade to each question. After grading the responses, a grade can be posted. The act of posting allows the test taker to see their grade. That easy! Forms is a simple, yet powerful tool for gathering feedback, measuring customer satisfaction, and more!