Picture1There are a number of software products available for improving a system’s or device’s performance.  Problem is, how do you tell the good from the bad?  Fortunately with Fairoaks IT at your side, there’s no need.  We’ve looked at several solutions, and while many claim to be the best - most just don’t cut it.

We have been actively deploying CCleaner from Piriform, which is an award winning software package that can help a PC that has been running noticeably slower over time.  It boosts your PC by removing space-wasting temporary files, fixing common Windows Registry errors, removing problematic browser cookies, and more.  While some of this may sound foreign, it all helps to keep your system running at its best.  We’ve had excellent feedback when fixing a system that was in a bind – and CCLeaner was there to assist.  For those of you that are technically savvy, we recommend you try CCleaner on your home PC.  For the price of free for the limited version and only $24.95 for the professional version, it is well worth the investment.

Additionally, optimized computing doesn’t just stop at the desktop.  With the continuing boost in mobile device dependence – speed and reliability is important.  Is your Android phone not as responsive as it once was when moving from screen-to-screen or app-to-app?  No need to fear, CCleaner is now also available for Android devices including tablets via the Google Play store.