Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes With Your Next Office Move

Moving is always a pain in the rump, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience. The No. 1 lament from someone who’s experienced a “bad” move is “I didn’t know I needed to…” followed closely by “I completely forgot that…” In other words, it’s what you don’t do that makes the move a disaster.

This Halloween…Who’s Keeping An Eye On Your Computer Network?

Many business owners and managers we work with wait FAR too long to have us check and update their computer network’s health and security. Unless we are actively performing regular daily/weekly/monthly maintenance, a nasty virus, malicious hacker, unexpected software corruption, hardware failure or dozens of other problems could catch you off guard and result in extensive downtime, data loss and expensive data recovery efforts.

How To Stop Cyberbullying

When I went to school, the biggest threat on the playground was getting roughed up by the class bully who was twice as big and twice as hairy as every other kid on the block. (What WERE his parents feeding him?) But cyberbullying is something very different.

Dress For Success

Among the first things people notice about you is the way you dress and the way you groom yourself. Many highly creative people effect a casual indifference toward their personal appearance, but in reality, they are making a purposeful statement. They are saying, in effect, “I’m so good at what I do that I don’t have to dress for success.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: Jawbone UP

UP is a system, wristband + mobile app that tracks how you sleep, move and eat so you can know yourself better, make smarter choices and feel your best. Jawbone UP (and UP24, for those who like Bluetooth capabilities and real-time syncing with the app) helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices; this little wristband keeps you in touch with your body and on top of your health.

Are You Using Videos To Onboard New Employees?

Most small businesses give new team members an Employee Handbook that outlines (in approximately 43 mind-numbing pages) everything anyone needs to know about the company. We expect our new hires to read this brick and be ready to pick an insurance plan, a 401K choice, know the company dress code, code of conduct and even what they can and cannot do online.