Take a walk. A 15-minute walkwill refresh your mind.
Work outside. Weather permitting,working in the sun can boost your mood.
Meditate. Use a meditation app likeCalm or Headspace to lower bloodpressure and de-stress.
Take deep breaths.
Make a checklist.

4 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Business

It boosts productivity. Technology like task management software can change how you work through a day. Everything is listed out, and you can check it off as you go. You can even make dependent tasks so tasks are automatically created for anyone who may be next in line to work on a project.

Tom Recommends: Shopping Online Securely

Fake Online Stores

Cyber criminals create fake online stores that mimic the look of real sites or that use the names of well-known stores or brands. When you search for the best online deals, you may find yourself at one of these fake sites. By purchasing from such websites, you can end up with counterfeit or stolen items, and in some cases, your purchases might never be delivered.

Microsoft To Do

In September, Wunderlist became Microsoft To Do. Part of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, To Do has complete integration with Office products, in-cluding Outlook.

Many of the favorite features have been brought over from Wunderlist, including smart lists and as-signing tasks in a shared list to keeping work and home tasks separate.

Office365 Training

Did you know? 70% of initia-tives fail because organizations invest in technology but not in the people who use it.

Technology is only as powerful as the people who use it. Microsoft is infamous for rolling out new power-ful apps and keeping some of our old favorites up to date and in the game.

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