Transportation is an industry that has long embraced technology. From the early 1800’s to today, technology has always strived to make transportation safer, more efficient, more economical, and in recent years, environmentally friendly. In today’s world a vehicle is usually defined by premium features which can be found standard in many affordable vehicles, as well as more premium self-driving or fully electric vehicles.

One interesting field of transportation technology is that of electric buses. These types of vehicles are being deployed around the world already, but one company has made leaps and bounds over competitors in how far their vehicle can go. A current electric bus can get around 50-60 miles from one charge. The Proterra Catalyst XR electric bus recently delivered a range result of 258-miles on one charge during a test run.

A typical 40ft diesel bus has an average route of 130 miles and gets around 5mpg. The cost savings on diesel alone makes an electric bus like this a very worthy investment; it is also worth mentioning the amount of pollution that can be prevented by making the switch.

Technology is a great thing and this is only one more example of how it can make our lives better.